• Time to Turn Pro.

    Working with storm damage claims is not a game. We're dealing with the most treasured possession of real people. How well we act has a direct impact on their financial health, too. There are ways to ensure that all parties are represented fairly, equitably and with integrity. That's what Storm Damage Coach seminars is all about.
  • Save Yourself From Years of On the Job Training.

    Hey, it's your choice. Either attend our 1-day seminar packed with serious coaching expertise, or go work for 35-years and complete over 15,000 claims in order to get the same insights we'll give you.
  • Take a Seat.

    Yes, it's not only possible, it's not difficult. All it takes is the confidence and strategy to ensure you're getting what you are due. But you won't know until you go. Take a look at the nearest seminar location to you and give us a call.
  • It's Up To You.

    Guess who's at advantage, the person that has done something hundreds of times before, or the person who does something maybe once in a lifetime. Without preparation, how can anyone expect homeowners to expect fairness?

Attend Storm Damage Coach Seminars

We are the leading provider of professional development seminars for a wide range of people who serve property owners with storm damage from hail, rain, snow and other weather-related incidents. Our seminars are amazing, information-packed opportunities for your company. We don't just lock you in a room and lecture; these are highly interactive sessions where you also have the time to important trade tips, tricks and expertise with your fellow attendees.
There ARE tested methods to to start winning more of your battles right away in an honest, open and integral way. We will show you precisely how to justify the things that you need to put on the insurance claim. We believe contractors should be paid properly for all the work that you do. We will teach simple, clear strategies you can apply that insurance companies hope you don't know about.
Our Storm Damage Coach is an expert in the field with 36-years of various insurance related and construction contracting roles. The Coach stays current as a public adjuster, working on over 100 appraisals a year. He knows exactly what new things insurance companies are throwing at you. At the end of the 1-day seminar, you'll have the confidence to negotiate and justify all damages successfully so the insurance company pays the claim to the letter of the policy.
Not getting O&P on all of your claims? We'll teach you how to get it on 90+%! If you weren’t getting it before you will after attending a seminar - that becomes 100% profit. Our track record with the contractors that we teach proves it. Most importantly, they are now getting it paid for in a timely manner. How much would that benefit your company’s profits?

More than tips and tricks, we show you how to fundamentally frame your negotiations to win with integrity and honesty to get what you and your customers are due .

The Storm Damage Coach

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